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Company profile

Shandong ShenzhouWoollen Textile Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise that was established in Mengyincounty, Shandong province in July 2021, after the industry transferring from Zhejiang ShenzhouWoollen Textile Co., Ltd. Its predecessor was Zhejiang JiashanWoollen Textile Mill founded in January 1983.

The company takes the world’s leading Italian finishing machinery and technology as the core, supported by spinning and weaving, with annual output of all kinds of high-end woolen fabrics 1 million meters.65% of the products are sold to some famous domestic garment companies with high-end brands such as PORTS, Marisfrolg, E•P, AUM, ICICLE, NEXY.CO,etc. in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other provinces and cites. Balance are exported to high-end customers in Japan, the UK, Germany, U.S.A. and Hong Kong SAR, such as 23KU,YOFUKU NO AOYAMA、CERRUTI 1881、KENT &CURWEN、GIEVES&HAWKES、HUGO BOSS、TOKYO STYLE and so on.

Main Products are as follows:

1.All kinds of high-grade fabrics made of pure cashmere, rabbit hair (or dehair angora), alpaca, pure wool or its blends

2.Various kinds of high-grade natural-color (undyed) fabrics made of cashmere, fine yak hair, fine camel hair, dehair angora, rabbit hair, wool and its blends

3.Ultimate luxury 100%Vicuna fabrics and Vicuna/cashmere blended fabrics

4.Different types of blankets made of pure cashmere, natural-color fine camel/fine yak hair, flame-retardant wool and antistatic wool 

5.Many kinds of scarves and shawls made of pure cashmere, silk/cashmere and dehair angora.

The technical cooperation between the company and Piacenza S.P.A, the world’s top woolen fabric company founded in 1733 in Italy, has effectively improved the technological level and quality standard of producing high-end cashmere, wool and other fabrics.

The company has two famous brands “神州毛纺SHENZHOU WOOLLEN” and “鹿星LUXING” . The company is the main maker of the industrial standards of the People’s Republic of China “Carded Rabbit Hair Fabric’’ and “Carded Vicuna Fabric”, the main reviser of “Carded Cashmere Products” and “Carded Wool Yarn for Weaving”, and the maker of Zhejiang manufacturing group standard “Carded Pure Cashmere Fabric”. The company has 7 authorized invention patents, 7 utility model patents and 2 appearance design patents. The company has core intellectual property rights for development and production of product.

Company Philosophy: To be professional and trustworthy, striving for excellence

Company Spirit:Establish outstanding achievements beyond the same trade━Aim

                            Pursue satisfactory products for every customer━Honor

Company Quality Policy: Shenzhou Woollen, Quality oriented




Enterprise development history

On January 25, 1983,Jiashan Woollen Textile Mill , the predecessor of the company, the township and village enterprise of Luoxing Jiashan County was established. The address is No. 21, south Chezhan Road, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province.

In December 1995, approved by Zhejiang Planning and Economic Commission and Zhejiang Structural Reform Commission, based onJiashanWoollen Textile Mill,Zhejiang Shenzhou Woollen Textile Group Co., Ltd.was established.Zhejiang ShenzhouWoollen Textile Group Co., Ltd. was the core enterprise, and Zhejiang Shenzhou Woollen Group was established.

On July 18, 2000, Zhejiang ShenzhouWoollen Textile Group Co., Ltd.completed the restructuring. Then as a private enterprise, Zhejiang Shenzhou Woollen Textile Co., Ltd. was established.

In May 2006, the company was successfully relocated to No. 66 Chengxi Avenue, Jiashan County.During the period, the spinning workshop carried out the technical transformation with the introduction of advanced Italian spinning equipment as the main content, which improved the spinning capacity and spinning level.

In 2014, the company implemented the technical transformation project of "Annual Output of 500,000 Meters of Functional High-grade Special Animal Fiber Textiles", and passed the regulation and promotion acceptance ofthe printing and dyeing industry.

From March 2013 to February 2017, the technical cooperation between the company and the Italian PIACENZA company, by means of on-site visiting, guidance, training, learning and exchanging, completed the construction of production process with advanced Italian finishing equipment,has effectively improved the technical level and quality level of the production of high-end cashmere fabrics.

On July 2, 2021, the company's industry was transferred to Mengyin County Economic Development Zonein Shandong province, and Shandong Shenzhou Woollen Textile Co., Ltd.was established,as a production base, to open a new chapter in the development of "Shenzhou Woollen".

The company takes high-end manufacturing as the corporate position, high-end woolen fabrics as the product position, high-end brand customers as the market position, and innovative spirit as the company soul. It is determined to become a “Global Manufacturer and Supplier of High-end Fabrics”.